County Road 574 – Short Fiction

It had been a Tuesday night in April when Malorie let the tears fall without wiping them away. She needed her hands for steering the car. Beside her was a half-empty bottle of Bacardi rum, 150 proof. The proof hadn’t mattered when she purchased it, though. After drinking most of it, she realized her error … Continue reading County Road 574 – Short Fiction

Closed Circle – Short Fiction

I shall write it again for you, Doctor. My dog wouldn’t stop barking. I threw back the covers. The air cycled by the ceiling fan brushed my exposed torso. The chill in the October night raised small goose bumps. I fumbled a couple of times to put my sandals on, the dog barking incessantly. Wandering … Continue reading Closed Circle – Short Fiction

Decisive Drive – Short Fiction

“Your friends don’t like me.” Five words said over the phone while I drove home from work. “They do. They wouldn’t lie to me,” I said. But I was starting to not like her. “We’ll just spend time together without them,” she said. And that was the point of no return. I don’t recall the … Continue reading Decisive Drive – Short Fiction