Broken Earth – A Poem

To be your sledgehammer, knocking away the debris from around your heart, your mind, and your spirit. Might need a shovel too, digging up all the broken earth that has been compacted over the best parts of yourself, the parts you want to show me but have not seen daylight for many years.

A second I almost forget – A Poem

There are moments when I feel her lips brush against mine, even though it’s been years since I we kissed last. A phantom, a specter, risen from the graves, unbidden but not unwelcome. It lingers against my mouth, this memory of a moment of pleasure, like the soothing after taste of a cold drink when … Continue reading A second I almost forget – A Poem

Two Big Bites – A Poem

From BBCGoodFood There’s only what we do after dark in the last hours before sunrise in your eyes wakes me. Slumber falls away like scuba weights on the rise up from the depths but there’s still some juice on my lips from earlier but you don’t mind. You kiss me deeply, sucking on my tongue … Continue reading Two Big Bites – A Poem