Split Roads – A Poem

The choice before you is simple, a bent fork in the road. On the one hand, you can walk away from all you’ve ever known, all of the pearls of knowledge you’ve collected and where around your neck as a precious necklace. Or, you can continue down the path with blinders restricting your vision, showing … Continue reading Split Roads – A Poem

Scratching while blank – A Poem

My cat paws at my leg, wanting scratches while I write. I gently scratch behind her ears, listening to her purr luxuriously while I stare at the blank Word document in front of me. Inspiration takes its time finding me while my cat enjoys the moments of bliss from attention that is often provided but … Continue reading Scratching while blank – A Poem

If there’s land out there – A Poem

Troubled waters, rain coming in cold. The wind kicks it in my face, wetting my beard. I don’t see the shoreline anymore. If there is land out there, I haven’t seen it in days. Thunder cracks the sky like an anvil being struck. I never get the smell of salt off my skin, even after … Continue reading If there’s land out there – A Poem