Goodman – A Poem

Why is being the better person good for me? It doesn't help me sleep at night...Ambien does that. It doesn’t make me a stronger person;  strength is irrelevant as useful as a bikini on an Inuit during the freezing winter in the deepest regions of the personalized hell I’ve constructed just for my future. This … Continue reading Goodman – A Poem

Vigilance – A Poem

The tiger prowls in the reeds, slow, deliberate steps. It waits for me, on the periphery never venturing into my eyeline except for brief moments when my concentration wavers when my faith falters when my mind gives way to fatigue. It is always there, always waiting, always hungry. Amazon's Best Books of the Year

Don’t be afraid of the blank – A Poem

I stare at blank Word docs each time I sit at my computer. The blank page, nothing is scarier to a writer or more invigorating. The lack of depth, of character of purpose of pride of honesty of loss of all the things the writer is scared to show, frightened to reveal to the reader … Continue reading Don’t be afraid of the blank – A Poem

Beauty Through Pain – Review of A.M. Aylward’s “Displaced Egos”

When personal pain can be transformed into beautiful work, that is my definition of “art”. The collection of poems found in “Displaced Egos” by A.M. Aylward carries the writer’s pain simultaneously like a thick overcoat but underneath that coat is poignancy, grace and reclaimed power. Poetry, as an artform, is deeply personal and in many … Continue reading Beauty Through Pain – Review of A.M. Aylward’s “Displaced Egos”