“Castlevania” Review – Part 2

Poster Art for "Castlevania". Source For the recap on the first three seasons, see my previous essay. Spoilers ahead for the final season of Castlevania, so don’t read if you haven’t watched yet. Heading into the final season of Netflix’s Castlevania, all but one of the characters is in worse shape than when the adventure … Continue reading “Castlevania” Review – Part 2

“Castlevania” Review – Part 1

Poster Art of "Castlevania". Source For an old school gamer like me, the notion that Castlevania was being turned into an animated series was just too good to pass up. For those that don’t know, Castlevania is a game franchise that first came on the scene with the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Since the initial … Continue reading “Castlevania” Review – Part 1