Almost Al Dente – A Poem

Frustration boils over like a pot of pasta left on the burner too long with the cover over it. We don’t know when our number is up, but we should check the egg timer periodically.

Finish the Race – A Poem

Dragging my feet as I near the finish line. Each step, a weighted leg ankle, knee, thigh… The ribbon wavers in the wind, the cheers around the marker are distant despite being as close as an embrace. I make it forward only through will because my body responds like I’m running through cement that is … Continue reading Finish the Race – A Poem

Crows – A Poem

A boy is dead. A man is accused. Before the first hearing, there are condemnations flying like mosquitos over a puddle, in the Florida summer. Same could be said of reporters, a murder of crows descending on a desiccated corpse only to feast, regurgitate, and feast again. The gavel is a dinner bell for all … Continue reading Crows – A Poem