Consequences – Review of Marvel’s “Hawkeye” Episode Three “Echoes”

After the slow build of the first two episodes, Episode Three of Marvel’s Hawkeye, titled “Echoes”, brings to the forefront a new antagonist while setting the stage for the greater conspiracy at the heart of the series. Filled with action sequences that are shot extremely well, the third episode of the series provides the audience … Continue reading Consequences – Review of Marvel’s “Hawkeye” Episode Three “Echoes”

Retrospective Review – “Iron Man”

If you enjoy this post, consider selecting the Buy Me A Coffee icon to the right or signing up for my Patreon account here. Patrons and Supporters/Members on Buy Me A Coffee get early access to posts like this, as well as exclusives only available through those sites. It’s odd looking back now on the … Continue reading Retrospective Review – “Iron Man”