Broken Earth – A Poem

To be your sledgehammer, knocking away the debris from around your heart, your mind, and your spirit. Might need a shovel too, digging up all the broken earth that has been compacted over the best parts of yourself, the parts you want to show me but have not seen daylight for many years.

Secret Garden – A Poem

I know there are secrets kept from my eyes inside your mind. An impermeable membrane between me and you, the Mariannes Trench, where all the pieces to the puzzle that is you are kept. But the key to this vault is lost or simply misplaced, as far as you have shown me. It’s a futile … Continue reading Secret Garden – A Poem

E is for Eros – An ABC’s Essay

When I originally conceived of this essay, I was just going to discuss my love life and romantic experiences. I still plan to do just that but from a different direction. Eros love or passionate love is all about romance, at least to the ancient Greeks. Romantic love takes many forms and evolves with the … Continue reading E is for Eros – An ABC’s Essay