Life Outside – A Poem

It's been awhile since I've posted a new poem on here. Figured I'd post one I wrote while thinking about quarantine back in January 2021. We heard the mist chewing, which didn’t make sense. How could mist, vapor, visible air, chew anything? But it was chewing, gnawing, devouring the meat, sinew, bones, memories, thoughts, fears, … Continue reading Life Outside – A Poem

Herd – A Poem

The plastic people run, screaming like seals at the sight of clubs. All the pretty nightclub lights blink and flicker, a miles long discotheque bloodbath as the hungry dead stalk the sunset beach of Miami. But the dead remain famished, their need for warm flesh unfulfilled, a stampede of impotent desire. Turns out the undead … Continue reading Herd – A Poem