Life Outside – A Poem

It's been awhile since I've posted a new poem on here. Figured I'd post one I wrote while thinking about quarantine back in January 2021. We heard the mist chewing, which didn’t make sense. How could mist, vapor, visible air, chew anything? But it was chewing, gnawing, devouring the meat, sinew, bones, memories, thoughts, fears, … Continue reading Life Outside – A Poem

Vigilance – A Poem

The tiger prowls in the reeds, slow, deliberate steps. It waits for me, on the periphery never venturing into my eyeline except for brief moments when my concentration wavers when my faith falters when my mind gives way to fatigue. It is always there, always waiting, always hungry. Amazon's Best Books of the Year

Finish the Race – A Poem

Dragging my feet as I near the finish line. Each step, a weighted leg ankle, knee, thigh… The ribbon wavers in the wind, the cheers around the marker are distant despite being as close as an embrace. I make it forward only through will because my body responds like I’m running through cement that is … Continue reading Finish the Race – A Poem