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Warning: The King’s Crier Podcast does have language in it that is not intended for all audiences. Please keep that in mind before listening. Thank you.

Episode 6 – Interview with author A.M. Aylward The King's Crier Podcast

Sat down for an interview with A.M. Aylward, an independent author. Their debut poetry collection is titledĀ Displaced Egos, available on Amazon in Kindle and Print-on-Demand. If you're interested in purchasing the device I use for podcasting, check out Maono If you've enjoyed this podcast, consider following me on social media. Links can be found on Linktree My Patreon account is up and running. Get early access to blog posts, fiction, poetry, as well as episodes of the podcast before they go live. Sign up for my Patreon here. Ā 
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