Work in Progress Update – 12/1/20

Since I started this blog just over two months ago, I’ve been posting a great deal of poetry, book reviews, and essays that I’ve written over the years. I will be continuing to do so but I’m also working on an urban fantasy series called The Atalante Chronicles. The first book was published earlier this year independently through Kindle Direct Publishing:

The second novel in the series, “The Crone and The Curse”, was sent to my editor a couple of months ago. I’m currently waiting for the edited manuscript to get back to me so I can make the final edit that will be published. My expectation is to have the book out in the first quarter of 2021. I’ve also contracted the same cover artist who did the cover you see above to work on the next book cover, which I will reveal once its been finalized.

My current work-in-progress is a short story collection set in the same universe. I should have that finished and ready for publishing in the summer of 2021, maybe sooner. I’ll be posting one of the short stories from the collection on this site later this month.


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