The Atalante Chronicles

Book Cover, designed by Broken Candle Book Designs

My book series, The Atalante Chronicles, has been nearly ten years in the making at this point. The first novel, Blood And Stone, was released in 2020. The second novel, The Crone and The Curse, was released in August of 2021. The Atalante Chronicles is an Urban Fantasy series set in Tampa, FL. The lead character, Nicodemus Atalante is a wizard who is often brought in to help investigate crimes that have supernatural elements. He is also a mercenary, accepting jobs from other denizens of the supernatural world. Whether it’s something simple like acquiring an artifact to confirming if an item is magical in nature or it’s something as complicated as making sure a witness to a supernatural event forgets what they saw, Nicodemus is the person you go to, provided you can meet his price.

The Atalante Chronicles is available exclusively through Amazon for Kindle Unlimited and Print-On-Demand (in Paperback and Hardcover).

Book Cover, also designed by Broken Candle Book Designs

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